15 Nov 2010

The Chandlers are Freed

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Kidnap and HostageWhat a relief for the Chandlers and all their family and friends after being held captive for 388 days and finally released virtually unharmed.

Theirs was a situtation that no-one could have imagined happening when leaving the Seychelles on their yacht over a year ago. But, marine piracy and the taking of  hostages abroad is becoming more common place. Only last month, a British security consultant was visiting Adado in Somalia to see if the area was safe enough for  Save the Children to set up a base there was kidnapped.

This subject is now something all businesses and charitable organisations should be considering when sending British workers abroad.

The Projects Company is pleased to announce that one of its new organisational support services is to help with kidnap and hostage situations both in preparing for safe travel and speedy response to kidnap incidents and hostage negotiation.

For further information on kidnap and hostage click here

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