Business and Strategic Planning

Business Planning and Strategic Planning is imperative in the current competitive climate. It is crucial that an up to date and realistic business plan is in place to demonstrate to those financing your organisation that you are a viable proposition – whether this be a charity looking for funding or a company needing support from its and strategic planning

A realistic business plan is also important for everyone in the organisation as it provides the main focus for their work and enables them to make correct decisions.

Business planning is a conscious process and one that is committed to paper.  It is also a process which involves gaining the commitment and consensus of a group of people to ensure that the organisation:

  • is focussed on common goals
  • is clear about the strategic priorities
  • understands the environment in which it operates
  • identifies and deals with key issues
  • sets itself strategies to achieve the goals
  • clarifies roles and responsibilities

Whether it’s starting on a brand new business plan or revisiting and updating a previous business plan, we can help and support you through the process.

Business and Strategic Planning  help

Using experienced personnel who have been in your position many times, we can assist in a range of ways.  We can:

  • act as a facilitator to enable the process to begin or be reviewed
  • provided facilitating workshops to the personnel that are involved in the process
  • work with a Chief Executive or member of the senior management to develop or coordinate their plan
  • teach you to be able to do it yourselves

We aim to offer you an approach that is tailored to meeting your needs in producing a strategic plan that does not end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust.  But a business plan / strategic plan that is a working document that leads to achievement of your goals

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