Life Coaching & Executive Coaching

The Purpose of Life Coaching & Executive Coaching

life coaching
The purpose of life coaching and executive coaching is for a coach to assist you in discovering yourself. It is a relationship between you and your coach with the sole purpose of supporting you in achieving your goals in any aspect of your life. You may come to coaching for many reasons – here are some examples:

  • career choices
  • financial choices
  • stress reduction and management
  • life decisions
  • self-confidence
  • motivation

Whatever the reason, our objective is clear and that is to make a difference to people’s lives. In all areas, we encourage you to expand your thinking first and then to concentrate on key aspects in order to reach the desired results.

The Benefits of Life Coaching and Executive Coaching

You may not know exactly what it is you want to address prior to receiving your life coaching or executive coaching.  You may seek out coaching in order to help you identify what it is behind that deep routed, vague feeling of dissatisfaction. you want to determine what you have to do in order to restore passion and vigour into your life. Further, when you come to coaching knowing exactly what it is you want to address, you may discover that what you thought was a problem either wasn’t or it was secondary to something else. The key here is what you discover during the process.

The benefits of life coaching and executive coaching are infinate:

  • achieving your goals
  • understanding purpose
  • achieving balance
  • changing mindset
  • becoming self-aware
  • growing self-esteem
  • increasing confidence
  • expanding comfort zones

Timothy Gallwey (Harvard educationalist and tennis expert) put his finger on the essence of coaching by saying:

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”

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