Redundancy Coaching

Redundancy coaching for staff facing redundancy within your organisation can be a way to enable employees to manage the transition from being made redundant to their new working life. redundancy coachingRedundancy coaching can help reduce bad feelings amongst employees and it can be a way that you can ensure your reputation as a good employer is maintained while providing support and assistance to staff.

Our package of redundancy coaching will help staff:

  •  Express and constructively deal with their feelings of grief, anger, etc.
  •  Identify their skills and experience
  •  Clarify their future vision and direction.
  •  Work on their CV and interview skills.
  •  Build their confidence
  •  Develop an action plan to see them through the transition period after they leave the organisation.
  •  Enable them to be in a stronger position to step into their next job.

Often, redundancy coaching begins with a group session (usually 2 hours long) with all staff being made redundant. This session allows the group to share feelings and experience and then look to how they can move forward.

Then, staff will receive two or three (depending on the needs of your organisation) individual coaching sessions.

E-mail support for up to 4 weeks after redundancy can be part of the package of support you provide as well.

We can put together a package of support specially tailored to the needs of your organisation and employees.

If your organisation would benefit from redundancy coaching from The Projects Company, then please contact us on 020 8502 2327 or email us