Safety and Security

Safety and Security: The Projects Company understand the importance of safety and security and the best ways to protect your business – of which there are many!

Safety and Security


  • We have trained intruder alarm and CCTV installers who can advise on the best system for your premises. In addition we offer a security review of your current systems and advise on their effectiveness to protect.
safety and security


  • Have you ever suspected computer misuse within your oganisation?  Maybe it’s time spent on Facebook or could be even more serious such as database or intellectual property theft.  Computer forensic analysis will reveal exactly what has been done on your computers and installation of a key stroke facility will mean you can continue to monitor activity.
Computer Password Security


  • Surveillance: We offer a wide range of static and portable audio and visual surveillance equipment which you are able to use in the workplace to monitor staff you suspect may be a threat to your business.  In addition, if you suspect your business is being infiltrated by such devices, we are able to detect and remove them using the most modern technology.
  • Close Protection: Personal bodyguards for high visibility protection or those who can blend into any situation for more discreet work are offered on a one-off basis or on a longer term contract.
  • Forensic Handwriting Analysis: Where there is any doubt over the authenticity of a signature or piece of writing, our forensic team will study in minute detail examples of writing to discover the truth.
Safety and Security


  • The safety of the people who work for you should be a high priority and we can help protect your staff.  The Projects Company offers tailored in-house seminars and advice on self protection.
  • Personal safety alarms are also available.
Personal Attack Alarms
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