Specialist not for profit Consultancy

The Projects Company is a group of professionals with personal experience of the unique and changing dynamics of the not-for-profit sector.specialist not for profit consultancy

Each consultant has a particular area of expertise and an in-depth understanding of the challenges affecting managers in this sector.

The company undertakes all types of fundraising, income generation, volunteer and staff management consultancy.

This can be from setting up a charity or social enterprise through to strategic planning, financing the business plan or fundraising strategy, volunteer management and capital appeals to one-to-one mentoring or group coaching.

Each piece of work is treated individually and tailored specifically to that particular client.

The company strives to make sure that clients progress and improve both their own performance and that of their organisation.

No single element of an organisation’s operational and strategic activities can operate in isolation, so The Projects Company takes a holistic approach to each assignment, ensuring long-term results for each client.

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