Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We understand that for most, ensuring your website works for you whilst competing strongly against your competitors is a difficult task, and in the wrong hands an expensive one.  In reality, for most companies, search engine optimisation (SEO) can be undertaken in house. It’s simply a matter of equipping you with the right information to take it forward.
search engine optimisation (SEO)

At The Projects Company we have specialists who fully understand how each of the major search engines work, how websites are ranked and indexed, how to increase your position in the results pages and how to embrace organic search marketing to generate traffic without the costs of “pay-per-click” advertising.

We provide a thorough and detailed report providing everything you need to push your online presence forward.

Our SEO Package includes:

On Page and Off Page Keyword and Impact Review

  • High traffic keyword analysis
  • On-page (within your site) keyword density and keyword dilution issues, anchor text, outbound links, relevancy of links and surrounding text
  • Off-page (outside your site) keyword density and recommendations such as anchor text of incoming links, relevancy
  • Anchor text of incoming and outgoing links
  • Surrounding text analysis of links
  • Age & relevancy of links

Coding Analysis

  • Use of metatags
  • Targeted regions and impact of server locations
  • Validation of code
  • File Size and impact on computers
  • Poor coding or design issues (such as alt-images, page titles, use of <h> tags, url names etc)
  • Black Hat SEO issues (things that the search engines penalise you for – such as invisible text, small text, linking to bad neighbourhood etc)
  • Cloaking & duplicate content (canonical) issues

General SEO advice

  • Text recommendations
  • Use of frames, flash and other techniques which may affect accessibility
  • Recommend amount of linkbacks needed
  • Ways to self-generate and increase your ranking without paid for advertising

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